Pellet Mill for Sale

We have for sale a wide selection of pelletizing machinery for processing biomass. Pellet mill and other related equipment.

pellet mill lm772 and conveyor

We are the main supplier of the MGL200 Small Pellet Mill. This unique system for pellet production is protected by several patents. Our systems are suitable for small to larger volumes of pellet production. Our pellet mill is perfect for farmers that want to turn seasonal biomass waste into valuable pellets.

Pellets made of wood (sawdust), straw, seaweed etc, fall under the so called 3 E system. (Economic, Efficient, Ecological.) By pelletizing such products you can benefit from your waste, saving you money.

Our system contains the technology that prepares your biomass material throughout the pelletizing process. The final product, can then be used for various purposes for instance as a fuel or as animal feed.

Our company also offers a special pellet stove or heater designed to burn all sorts of biomass pellets, turning them into economic heat for your Greenhouse, garage, workshop etc.

Our pellet mill is a pellet machine which produces up to 150 kg of pellets per hour and is designed to run 24/7 if required.

We offer the following products in connection to the manufacturing and burning of pellets:

For more information, please contact us. We offer equipment for pellet production and for processing pellets.