RS Range Shredders (Cutting grinder)

The Cutting grinder pellet mill is designed for cutting and grinding straw, wood shavings and coarser sawdust for pellet production. It is also suitable for cutting and grinding straw for briquette production.

Cutting Grinder
Cutting Grinder

The Grinders screen, cutting knives and special hammers are easily replaceable. The rotor on the grinder can be easily cleaned by lifting off the whole feeding hopper including its front cover. An operator can monitor the grinder load by means of an amp-meter.

Cutting Grinder
RS 750
Cutting Grinder
RS 850
Cutting Grinder
RS 950
Cutting Grinder
RS 1000
Electric input15 kW22 kW30 kW50 kW
Electric mains400 V/25 A400 V/63 A400 V/63 A400 V/100 A
Weight245 kg280 kg480 kg980 kg
Output tube diameter76 mm100 mm100 mm150 mm
Cutting and grinding power (sifters with diameter of 4 mm)200-600 kg/hr400-1.000 kg/hr400-1.300 kg/hr1.200-3.500kg/hr

Straw is put into the grinding chamber manually with a fork. The bales have to be broken up beforehand, and placed next to the machine. The ropes should also be removed, (as they could wind around the rotor and the friction could cause fire.) The straw should be shaken with the fork to remove stones that could otherwise get into the rotor and cause damage or sparks and could start a fire.

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