We would like to offer you our range of accessories that are compatible with all of our LM pelleting lines. Our philosophy is to keep the price of those accessories low so every customer opts for them and makes his work experience even more pleasant.

Automatic greasing unit

This simple device is ‘a must’ and some of our dealers include it to the basic selling package. This greasing unit lubricates the most stressed bearings on the pellet press shaft and pressing wheels. This is done every hour automatically and prolongs the usage life span of the bearings enormously.

unit lubricates
Unit lubricates

The Automatic greasing unit has got its own little motor and is powered and operated from the control panel. The grease container on the Unit is transparent so you can easily maintain the correct grease level.

Conveyor belt

Our Conveyor belt has been designed for filling Big Bags of any size usually found on the market today. It is hard to imagine that you produce 200kg or more pellets per hour and have no way of transfering them from the pellet mill to a storage place it can be done by hand but you can spend your working hours a bit more productive way.

Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt

The pellets continue cooling in the big bag and are ready for packaging in 24 hours time.

Length3 meters
Height when set up2,3 meters
Width of the plastic conveyor120 mm
El. Motor0,37 kW
belt conveyor and pellet bagging
Belt conveyor and pellet bagging

Silo with automatic feeding auger

The silo is build from plywood attached to a metal frame. It can accommodate 3m3 of biomass. It is equipped with an anti-bridging device and can feed the biomass to two of our pellet mills simultaneously. The hopper level sensors maintain hassle free material supply operation.

Dimensions1250 × 1250 × 4900mm
Power consumption2.9kW including dust extractor

The Silo is compliant with all EU fire anf safety regulations.

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