Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Production of pellets - individual stages of production
Production of pellets – individual stages of production

What do you sell?

Everything we offer on our web is somehow connected with the production and use of pellets. Our main product is the Small Pellet Mill which makes pellets. If you have got a good source of biomass you can start producing your own pellets using our Pellet mill.

We also offer different types of biomass shredders, conveyers, or a straw bale breaker. To make our selection complete we also sell a hot air pellet stove.

What warranties do you offer?

We offer a standard (for EU) 6 months of warranty for our machinery used commercially. This warranty covers all non-wearing parts.

Where can I see your Small Pellet Mill working?

We understand that if you are serious about pelleting you will need to see our mill up and running prior to purchasing.

You are welcome to visit us in our factory. You will see 3 of our mills producing pellets 24/7 supervised by only one operator at a time.

What output can I expect from your Small Pellet Mill?

At the moment we make mills designed for pellet production of up to 150kg/hr only. The reason is that in our experience we have found that for medium size companies it is exactly what they need.

For them it means to have 1-1,5 tons of dry biomass ready per day per mill, or 2-3 tons of biomass if you use the machine 24 hours per day and that is a lot of material. And of course there is always the possibility to purchase a second pellet mill to double production.

What is the return on your pellet mill?

If you are planning to make wood pellets, 120 tons of it will pay for the pellet mill price. It will take you only 120 days to do so, or 60 days if you make it run for 24 hours per day.

Can it get much better? The main point is to have the biomass for free or almost for free and then it is a very profitable business.

Do you produce a pellet mill with a pellet production capacity bigger than up to 350 Kg/hr?

Not at the moment but our engineers are working on a new pellet mill design with up to 450Kg/hr of production capacity. We would like to introduce it to the public in the Autumn of 2012.

If you are interested in this product please leave us your contact details and we will inform you as soon as the mill is available.

What are pellets and what are their main characteristics?

You could say that a pellet is compressed dry biomaterial. Sometimes you may come across an expression that it is a ‘pelletised bio by-product’, or ‘mini briquettes’. This is because they are used as a bio fuel.

What ever they call them, pellets are made from fine dry biomass which was run through a pellet machine and formed into small compressed pellets of different sizes. Pellets can be used as an animal feed, animal bedding or as bio fuel. More information can be find in our Glossary under the link Pellets.

Can I use your pellet mill for the food industry?

Yes you can. We have made a few pellet mills from stainless steel, which are now used for pelleting food components. For more information, please contact us.

Where are your products made?

We can proudly say that all our machinery is made and assembled in a family-run factory in the EU on the Austrian-Czech border. This area has been well known for quality industrial products for the last 200 years.

Our machinery for pellet production is patented and very durable. This is also why we have basically no competitors in our category.

How does your pellet mill differ from other cheaper models that are available on the internet?

  1. Our pellet mill has been designed for industrial use rather than home use.
  2. Patents and prizes from different shows are proof of well made and thoughtfully designed products.
  3. We not only sell but also install the mill and provide the customer with a training.
  4. Our pellet mill is a complete pelleting line starting with an automated biomass mixing compartment right through to a pellet cooler. It then separates the pellets from the dust, and automatically moves this dust back to the mixing hopper and makes it ready again for pelleting.

From what kind of biomass can your pellet mill make pellets?

You can use sawdust, different kinds of grass or harvest by-products. Our pellet mill makes also high quality pellets from seaweed, carton or paper.

Can your pellet mill make pellets from wet biomass?

Yes, it can, but those pellets will be good for nothing. The moisture is still encapsulated within the pellet and in time it will seep through to the pellet surface.

Finally the pellet will disintegrate. Obviously they will not burn either. The key for good quality pellets is fine and dry biomass.

What can I do with wet biomass?

This biomass needs to have its moisture reduced to a maximum of 12-15% water content prior to pelleting. If you really want to produce pellets you might need to buy a biomass dryer.

Do you produce a biomass dryer?

Not at the moment but our engineers are working on a drum dryer with 300Kg/hr capacity. If you are interested in this product, please leave us your contact details and we will inform you as soon as the dryer is available.

For more information, please contact us.