Sheep wool pelleting

Sheep wool pelleting has its own specifics. Sheared wool from whole sheep can be pelletised. Even kind of wool called black, from the legs, tail and head. It is important that the wool is dry, ie. the animals must not be in the rain or snow before cutting, and the wool must not get wet again after cutting. The wool must have a humidity of max. 13-15%.

Sheep wool pelleting

Before pelleting, the wool must be so-called cut (crushed) into small pieces so that it can be fed into the pellet press, where the pellet is formed. This shearing of the wool is carried out in a so-called wool crusher, where the wool is cut to the required size, which is suitable for pelleting.

pellets sheep wool pelleting

Crushers from 3 kW to 70 kW are used for this. The output depends on the crushed amount of wool from 10 kg – 600 kg / hour. Pellet mill with motors from 5.5 kw – 22 kw, and structurally adapted, is required for pelleting. Pellet production is from 60 kg – 200 kg / hour.

Crushed wool in crushers can be sucked into various types of barrels, silos or just fall freely on the ground. Only a pellet mill is enough for pelleting, but even here you can choose, for example, a pellet dust separator. Not only pellets fall from the pellet press, but also the abrasion, which sometimes needs to be cleaned, depends on the purpose for which the pellets will be used.

sheep wool pellets pelleting

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