Pellet Mill LM 72

Our granulation unit, you (along with other equipment) to effectively granulate all kinds of biomaterials. Instead of waste for more cost raw materials. Granular biomaterials can be used as material for heating, such as animal feed pellets, and can even serve as an effective form of storage of biomass.

pellet production - real environment

You granulated straw, algae, miscanthus, hops, waste paper and various types of biomass. The first phase is crushing biomaterial. Following the production of pellets in pelletizing line. You described a compact and versatile pellets.

Certified small granulation unit

This small granulation unit (pellet machine) enables you to make pellets or feed granules from your own material. The unit can be used for the granulation of sawdust, straw, miscanthus, biomass, paper etc., for fuel or for the granulation of feed and fodder mixtures.

Our pellet machine has a very unique design. Its size and features are unparalleled in the market place today. Our pellet mill is an industrial quality machine which produces up to 150 kg of pellets per hour and is designed to run 24/7 if required. Two pellet mills can be easily operated concurrently by one person.

The granulation unit consists of a dosage worm/auger with a closed feeding hopper. Material for granulation is placed into the feeding hopper. The auger brings the material to the feed arm, where the exactly defined amount of material falls down to the mixing chamber.

Non standard granules and dust are returned by a spiral auger to the feeding hopper and are put through the pelletizing process again. Finished granules fall down from the sorting apparatus to a prepared container.

Technical features Pellet mill LM 72

Production rates per hrfrom 10-150 kg/hr (depends on the material)
Complete unit weight310 Kg
Approximate space required4 Square Meters
Height of unit2.2 Meters
Power for full unit8,85 kW 400V / 25A a 230V / 16A
Safety certificatesCE
Standard working environmentbetween +5 and +35 Celsius
Pellet size3.5mm, 6mm or 8mm
Requirements for the feed particle size3-3,5mm
Requirements for the feed moisture levelup to 12%
Types of biomass80 different kinds at present
Typical biomasssawdust, straw, grass, paper
Types of specialist dies4 for each diameter

Proudly engineered, handmade and assembled in the heart of Europe-Czech Republic.

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